January 22, 202401:03:2343.58 MB

Episode 64 When Evil Lurks (2023)

Take the apocalyptic tone of a zombie film and swap in the unrelenting dread of demonic possessions and you have a starting point to enter the critically acclaimed When Evil Lurks (2023) by director Demián Rugna. TRIGGER WARNING. This film depicts viole...

January 09, 202400:23:2916.16 MB

Episode 63 The Cool Down: The Belly (Behind the Scenes)

Running Scared co-hosts Jamie and Rob take you "behind the scenes" on the production of our latest jogcast "The Belly". We talk about how the script came to be, define a jogcast, what we're trying to do with a jogcast, how actin...

December 29, 2023x
01:08:3047.07 MB

Episode 62 Die Hard 2 (1990)

Happy Holidays Scaredy Cats! For this year's holiday pod, cohosts Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts lean into action thriller and Christmas classic Die Hard 2 (1990) starring Bruce Willis as John McClane. We enter the debate surrounding this film&ap...

December 13, 2023x
00:09:116.39 MB

Episode 61 The Belly: A Horror Jogcast Preview

In a near future, inmates and old friends, Booker Reed (Son of Sonnet) and Mac Rossi (Tristan Snyder), work hard labour in an underwater mining prison called the Belly. Mac is in for stealing oxygen credits and Booker for being too loyal to Mac. He coul...

November 23, 2023x
01:16:0652.29 MB

Episode 60 Talk To Me (2022)

Uh oh. Co-hosts, Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts disagree on the realism of the teenage horror drama "Talk to Me". Twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou make their directorial debut on this highly praised modern-day take on the ouija boar...

October 31, 2023x
01:15:3051.88 MB

Episode 59 The Babadook (2014)

Happy Halloween Scaredy Cats! After a little break, The Running Scared boys are back with a film that's all about parenting by the book - it's just the worst book you could possibly parent by: the Babadook (2014)! In this episode we tackle the...

September 29, 2023x
01:18:0753.69 MB

Episode 58 As Above So Below (2014)

Co-hosts Jamie and Rob but heads over the genre mashup film "As Above So Below". A 2014 John Erick Dowdle film, it combines a little Blair Witch handheld horror, with a sprinkle of Harry Potter magic with a few heaping table spoons of Indiana ...

September 19, 2023x
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Episode 57 Time to Burn (Jogcast Preview Pt. 2)

Every night Martin Haelstrom has the same nightmare: he runs to save his father trapped in a burning cabin, but never makes it in time. Just like that night all those years ago. Now, Martin is back in Washington State to rebuild the cabin and beat his t...

August 31, 2023x
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Episode 56 Friday the 13th (1980)

Sean S. Cunningham's 1980 "Friday the 13th" was a slasher in the ilk of Halloween. Could the creators possibly have known that they were embarking on a franchise that would take the iconic killer, Jason Voorhees, to New York City, the mid...