Episode 64 When Evil Lurks (2023)
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Episode 64 When Evil Lurks (2023)

Take the apocalyptic tone of a zombie film and swap in the unrelenting dread of demonic possessions and you have a starting point to enter the critically acclaimed When Evil Lurks (2023) by director Demián Rugna.

TRIGGER WARNING. This film depicts violence towards children and child death. Our review discusses this aspect of the film. If this subject makes you uncomfortable, we warn that this film and review might not be something you want to listen to.

Co-hosts Jamie Roberts and Robert Lendrum discuss the mechanics of the rules in this film, bodily fluids, you can't kill Aquaman with water, Ruiz the agitated landlord, the main character Pedro aka Yelly McYellerson aka Major Payne, worst sidekicks, plus Jamie tries to redeem himself on the One Line Challenge, another edition of Monster Metrics, and as always, the Running Scared Award. It all ends with a boil full of happiness for everyone.

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