Episode 60 Talk To Me (2022)
Running ScaredNovember 23, 2023x
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Episode 60 Talk To Me (2022)

Uh oh. Co-hosts, Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts disagree on the realism of the teenage horror drama "Talk to Me". Twin brothers Danny and Michael Philippou make their directorial debut on this highly praised modern-day take on the ouija board, in which teens use the severed hand of a median to get high and converse with the dead! We ask the tough questions: does this film propagate a stereotype of stupid teenagers? Do they have a plan? Did Jamie ever have a plan during his teenage antics? Is this the worst dog in horror movie history? How will they franchise this story? Plus we take another look at the numbers in our new segment Monster Metrics! Shake hands with the devil (or some ugly gross guy from Limbo named Quain) and let to us in to your ear buds to talk about Talk to Me.

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