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Lifelong friends Jamie Roberts and Robert Lendrum love to talk horror movies and we bring  a unique angle to every critique. Whether it's discussing which character got the most exercise, how a dog should lead a paranormal investigation team, breaking down the rentability of a sex dungeon, or the merits of a good wingman during an exorcism, we raise questions that will have you laughing but also appreciating these great movies. 

Jamie Roberts is an educator and consultant with a background in music theory and band. Robert Lendrum is a Creative Director working in audience engagement for televised sports. Both hosts hail from Toronto, Canada but Jamie lives in nearby Hamilton while Rob lives in Laval, Quebec (for now). 

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January 22, 202401:03:2343.58 MB

Episode 64 When Evil Lurks (2023)

Take the apocalyptic tone of a zombie film and swap in the unrelenting dread of demonic possessions and you have a starting point to enter the critically acclaimed When Evil Lurks (2023) by director Demián Rugna. TRIGGER WARNING. This film depicts viole...

January 09, 202400:23:2916.16 MB

Episode 63 The Cool Down: The Belly (Behind the Scenes)

Running Scared co-hosts Jamie and Rob take you "behind the scenes" on the production of our latest jogcast "The Belly". We talk about how the script came to be, define a jogcast, what we're trying to do with a jogcast, how actin...

December 29, 2023x
01:08:3047.07 MB

Episode 62 Die Hard 2 (1990)

Happy Holidays Scaredy Cats! For this year's holiday pod, cohosts Robert Lendrum and Jamie Roberts lean into action thriller and Christmas classic Die Hard 2 (1990) starring Bruce Willis as John McClane. We enter the debate surrounding this film&ap...


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Horror with a side of Humour

Excellent stuff fellas! This pod is a must listen too, not only for horror movie lovers, but to all movies lovers! They mix in a little humour, while picking apart each horror movie over the course of an episode and relate it to real life scenarios. It’s an easy listen and you are able to learn the behind the scenes stuff you never knew that goes on in the “scary movie” world! A+ 😱

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Funny and insightful

Jamie and Rob are hilarious and always put together a solid show looking back on a mix of cult classic films and blockbuster movies. Their pointed film and music insights reignite my love for the movies.

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Thank you. Absolutely love this pod. The fascinating discussions we had. So glad I found this, wish I found it earlier!!